Most suppliers prefer to ship products through their own courier, so they ask for higher buying price on the products. Here at Ink Directs Corporation we will cover the shipping cost based on the quote of the products that was given.

Package guidelines

  • Boxes that are not oversized (less than 30” in height, width & length.)
  • Weight less than 60lbs.
  • Too big or too heavy, separate your products in two or more boxes.
  • Pack the products in the box with sufficient cushion such as scrap paper or newspaper to put in the shipping box if the products are loose.
  • Please do not ship the products alone in its original retail package. Can you imagine how the couriers handle boxes when they are doing deliveries?

  • Please do not write down any numbers or messages on the retail packages, this will decrease the buying price. If there are writing or markings on the products, please leave it to us.

  • Please do not cut the label from the retail boxes or put blank labels on them. Heat gun will be helpful to remove it.

  • Please pack the products with care and do not put too many items in one shipping box. It can result like the picture shown here.

  • Please do not ship the products if the package weighs more than 70lbs, we will not provide any electronic return labels. When the packages are too heavy, the couriers will not handle them carefully. This can result in damage to the products due to it being thrown or mishandled.